Campaign Pledges Many More To Come

Seminole County – In the ever-crowded Democratic Primary for the District 9, Florida Senate seat, the campaign of front-runner, H. Alexander Duncan, recently picked up two early endorsements. Speaking with a campaign representative, Brendan McCoy, the campaign stated, “Obviously, H.A. is well known throughout the district and his experience is considered an asset by many in the community. So not only throughout the primary, but also in the general election, our campaign is just excited and looking forward to announcing many more endorsements.” This point is not lost on most astute local political observers. As the Duncan2020 campaign prepares to officially launch early next year, many insiders point out that Duncan has always garnered wide swaths of public endorsements, including across party lines. A campaign strength which many believe is truly needed for a Democratic victory in the 2020 general election.

Duncan’s campaign recently received the personal endorsements of Arthur Jarvis, President of the veteran’s organization RAFMAN Club and Jeannita Jones, CEO and Founder of the anti-gun violence organization Put Your Guns Down, Put Your Hands Up, Inc. In speaking of Duncan and his campaign, Mrs. Jones stated that, “He’s not a politician – and, he actually cares. Where others may raise up more money, I love to tell people, Mr. Duncan raises up more people and their communities through his tireless efforts to help others.”

As the Duncan campaign pledges ever more endorsements to come, it is clear the significance of these first two. In announcing these endorsements first, Duncan’s campaign is laying out clearly that their support will come from all over the political spectrum and of Democratic issues. Ranging from veterans to sensible gun reform, the Duncan campaign looks to ensure Democratic voters of two things: victory in November and carrying the values of Democratic change to the state capitol.

So, as the District 9 race prepares to go into full swing, many have wondered, considering Duncan’s numerous 2016 endorsements, where will other Democratic candidates support come from – mainly in a general election. “I was endorsed by at least half a dozen Republicans my last run, including sitting officials! The Libertarian Party even endorsed me! So, in a general election, as Democrats, especially in Seminole County, we have the chance to change the balance of power in our state government.”, stated Duncan.

Campaign representative, Brendan McCoy, went on to explain, “This race isn’t about ideology, principles, or anything else for the Republicans. It is only about winning and propping up a weak candidate with money to keep this seat red. We believe our campaign is the only one in this primary, capable of delivering a resounding defeat to the GOP. Mr. Duncan has the experience, the insight, the proven support and most importantly, the public’s trust, to pull cross-party support and turn this district blue.”


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